Typepad is so good in many ways. I just wonder whether they ever do any usability testing with non-geek types.

The klutzy stuff on the left sidebar, where the RSS and XML buttons are, is an example of what happens when technical people do not provide exhaustive testing of a product so that it can operate seamlessly.

It’s of fundamental importance to me that when someone clicks on the RSS or XML button on my site they get a URL that they can put in their syndication feeder.

At present, what you get if you left click on these buttons is a Do You Want to Save this File message. Hence the “workaround” text I’ve put in.

And I’m not happy that for the text with the RSS button, there is a hyperlink for the whole paragraph, but, doing exactly what I did with the RSS button to set up the the XML button text, I got no hypertext.

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