In home based or other small business we often lack the buying power of big organisations. So it’s a good move to share with other home based bizoids any information we get about where good deals are to be done.

Recently my partner Suzie and I saved about $3,300 on car servicing and repairs, simply by doing a bit of shopping around. We had three lots of work to be done, a (we had been told) major service and parts replacement, some panel beating, and airconditioning overhaul. We found the first guy ourselves, the panelbeater. He then recommended other guys in the same street to do the other work.

On Friday I dropped in to each of these establishments and got business cards. Today at our monthly breakfast group with other small business owners in the area I handed out the cards with the story of our pleasure at the service and the economy.

And no, there was no spotter’s fee, no commission. But did I feel good about this? You betcha.

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