One of the several challenges of being a home based business person, especially if you are “flying solo”, is the lack of other people – professional peers – to “bounce ideas off”.

Forming your own research and development (R&D) team is a great move, and I would say an essential one. Or, if ‘R&D team’ sounds too technical, you could call it your ‘mastermind’ group. Whatever you call it, this is a group of people whose experience, knowledge and wisdom you respect and from whom you are confident you will get good input on what you are planning or doing.

Today at the monthly breakfast of a group I belong to, I asked everyone to participate in an instant, pen and paper survey (I supplied the pens and paper) on a coaching product I am developing. The survey took about 5 minutes and I got invaluable feedback. I will do further testing as I go, but this morning’s feedback means I can now move faster and more confidently to develop the product.

And don’t be shy about asking people to help you in this way. You may be surprised. I for one am always honoured when I’m invited to be in one of these groups. And I get at least as much from my participation as I contribute.

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