Along with many other people, I’ve learnt a lot from Dr Wayne Dyer, personal development guide, author of many books and tapes, including such inspiring works as ‘The Power of Intention’. Chris Knight, the master of ezines, has set up and manages as a labour of love, the Dr Wayne Dyer fans’ discussion board, Inspires You. Today he has posted a challenging commentary by Dr Dyer on war and peace and specifically about the war in Iraq. And there are already a number of comments, including mine.

What bearing has this on home business? Well, a lot in my view. This blog is about Thinking home business and for me that entails being aware of and having views about the bigger issues of life and society, not just about the minutiae of doing business.

And in this global economy, there is really no issue which does not bear on our business, be that in a larger corporate setting, a shop in the mall or in our home based setting.

As businesspeople, we are also citizens – of our countries and of the world. In a worthwhile society, citizens think. They do not just blindly or carelessly follow.

And I believe that with regard to the great issues of the day, if we don’t consciously have our own views and opinions we are probably following the views and opinions of others.

As home based businesspeople, we are a significant sector of the economies of our countries and of the world. If corporate leaders can have and express views on the political events of the day, and they do, then so can we.

Otherwise we risk the sort of society in which, in the words of the poet William Butler Yeats, “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

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