I went to the mall this morning to buy some new t-shirts and shorts, as the ones I had were getting a bit daggy. What were all these people doing at the mall? Where had they come from?

Sometimes, in home based business, Saturday is just another working day. I usually do my odd bit of shopping for clothes and such on a weekday, when it is quieter.

Having Saturday as another working day is the flipside of the freedom you get from having your own home based business.

It’s very seductive. No phones ringing, no appointments to keep (except purely social ones). And where I live, which has lovely gardens, weekdays are when the gardener brings his arsenal of cutting, mulching and blowing machines. It’s so quiet on Saturdays and so much more agreeable to write and do other work stuff.

The risk is that you end up working too many days and don’t give your mind, body and spirit a chance to renew.

It’s not that I didn’t work on Saturdays when I was a public servant (contrary to commonly held attitudes, I’ve known a lot of public servants – usually in executive or semi-executive positions – who did that).

But there’s something rather poignant – or is it stupid? – to be ‘your own boss’ and feel you need to keep working when others are kicking back – or shopping.

I haven’t seen anything about this online or in bookshops. Maybe I should write something!

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