Went to a local Business Excellence breakfast meeting this morning.

The speaker, Brett Chamberlain, was billed as an expert in marketing and sales. My first thought on seeing the program was – can I bear yet another talk on marketing? Looking more closely at Brett’s background, I thought, hmmmm, I’ll give it a go.

I’m glad I did. Great content, excellent presentation from this former Army officer, turned business consultant, turned keynote public speaker.

So what specifically did I get? For one thing, I got some excellent clues from Brett about marketing and sales. For another, in the ‘out of a hat’; prize giving which is a regular feature of these events, I won a copy of Brett’s book ‘thinking business’. Serendipitous, as this blog is ‘thinking home business’.

And there were two items in particular that were my ‘aha!s’ for the day.

The first insight was – in my paraphrase – that no one ever really buys on price, so dropping your price is a dumb strategy (in his book, Brett does present a highly qualified set of special circumstances when it might make sense to do a discounted price promotion).

The second insight for me was from the quoted statistic from the US that a whopping 68% of customers leave because of “perceived indifference”. As Brett explained and illustrated, that problem is not that difficult and certainly not expensive to overcome. Solutions include making a point of saying, sincerely and with focus on the cusotomer you have just served “I really appreciate your business. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist/serve/etc you” or sending a handwritten note of appreciation.

Today I am getting out some stationery to do some handwritten notes!

As well as his Chamberlain Corporate Development site, which is currently in development, Brett has another site, The Marketing Strategies Advisor , which has some great resources.

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