Today I’m wondering how I can put the couple of grand together to be able to get to the Blog Business Summit in Seattle, WA, January 24-25, 2005. This looks like being a very stimulating event, with an impressive list of speakers and lots of significant topics being aired right now on the summit blog.

Among the speakers are the legendary Molly Holzschlag of fame and recognized as one of the most influential women on the web and Brian Alvey, co-founder and developer of the Weblogs Inc. Network, the world’s largest non-porn blog publishing company.

How I found out about this is an illustration of one of the reasons I love blogging – namely the way people across the world can connect so rapidly in terms of shared interests.

Here’s how it went. Out of curiosity, I’d googled the title of this blog, Thinking Home Business and was tickled pink to find this blog at number one and number two, (and links at positions five and ten, out of 11,600,000 searches. Curiosity really aroused now, I checked the back links from Google and found several were from the Radiant Marketing blog of the indefatigable blogger for small business, Paul Chaney. Neat.

Now, how to get that couple of grand together and high tail it across the Pacific to the beautiful Pacific North West of the USA….

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