Haven’t posted for two days. In the midst of putting a new website together – watch this space – and am not being as disciplined as I was about the blogging – back on track now.

My intention this morning was to get my daily blogging in before I a got onto the web project. I got distracted reading a thread on the Ryze network on Blogs & Blogging and then found myself answering a question from one of the people on the network. The question was: ‘Do you just do your blog like an online diary? Do you do it with the intention of creating business? And how?’

I found myself answering. And when I looked at my answer, I thought, hmmmm, it would be good to blog that so I have a handy reference when I’m wondering what I’m doing. This is what I wrote:

I have a couple of blogs going at present and another I’m going to get around to (and some dead ones littering cyberspace). For a year or so I had this idea of combining a personal diary/reflections/short essays etc with hopefully helpful comments for others from my coaching perspective. Then I stopped posting.

Now I’m back into it, I am enjoying my main and almost daily posting blog which is about business – home business to be more precise – and it’s written from my experience. It’s public – http://deswalsh.typepad.com/thb I wanted to do a blog as part of my online business package but I wanted it to be fun to write each day, not a chore. So it’s quite personal and at the same time I see it as being helpful to others who are doing business from home or thinking about it. It will be linked to the website I’m launching in the next 24 hours which has a focus on home based business.

I haven’t had a lot of comments yet – try one – but I have a strong intention to keep going. If nothing else, I can see how I can build a book eventually from what I’m doing. As part of the exercise of working out what I wanted to do, I surveyed about 20 blogs from a bunch of people I did a blogging course with last year. Only about 5 of them seem to be blogging currently and some haven’t posted in a year or more. I don’t know why, but I have to wonder whether part of the reason is that at that time a lot of the group, including me, saw blogging as a quick and cool marketing tool and when it didn’t produce business we lost interest.

So one of the morals of that story is for me that if I blog as part of a business strategy, I want to be sure I’m passionate enough about what I’m writing that I don’t get bored.

My other blog which is more personal and exploratory is not open for public viewing. I use Typepad and I get several blogs for the price of one and can switch each off or on from public viewing.

For what it’s worth, I have to say I find a lot of the “business” blogs dead boring and don’t return. That includes the ones that are evidently corporate exercises done by the hired web developer or the company’s advertising agency and show no signs of a personal human touch, and ones which are personal and very preachy or “schoolteacherish”. I don’t go to blogs to be lectured at or to read corporate fluff. I read blogs that are written by real people who sound interesting and quirky and engaged in what they are doing and what’s going on around them.

And yes, I hope my business blog brings me business, but I write first to entertain myself and hopefully others and also to be as helpful and informative through links to books I’m reading, resources I’ve found etc.

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