A writeup in the paper the Australian, (drawing on The Financial Times) today about innovation, and specifically about nanotechnlogy, caught my eye. Nanotechnology is defined in one of the articles as the science of objects and materials that are less than 110 nanometres across, where one nanometre is a thousand millionth of a metre. That’s small!

In business, I guess the home based, usually solo, entrepreneur, doesn’t really have a nano business, but I couldn’t help noticing in the just concluded Australian federal election that there was not much mention of small business and no mention at all, as far as I could tell, of home based business.

As more and more people opt for the home based business lifestyle, it is conceivable that we could one day form quite an interesting lobby group. What would be the group’s main concerns? I suspect one of them would be about bureaucracy and red tape. Whether you are a ten person or a one person business, you still have to make sure all the regulatory, tax and other requirements are met and by definition the solopreneur working from home does not have the in house resources to enable her or him to delegate! There is outsourcing, and I suspect that home based businesses are going to get very smart about outsourcing – that or either languish or go under.

For anyone interested in looking closer at nanotechnology, there’s an interesting website, nanogloss, which offers a glossary of terms.

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