For me, as for a lot of people who choose to have a home based business, the environment in which I work is very important. For a long time I spent a lot of the day looking at a wall! Now my partner Suzie and I have chosen to live and work for the time being in a beautiful part of Australia, the Tweed River area on the east coast, several hundred miles north of Sydney and on the southern edge of the Gold Coast tourist zone.

As I write, I look over the top of my screen to a small garden with lots of trees. When I need a break I can go out and be walking by the river in a couple of minutes. There are lots of birds and lately we have been visited by a small goanna we have nicknamed George.

I’ve just done a “home business” photo album here (see left column) to show some pics of where I live and work and as mentioned above have included pics of George.

The photo album shows a picture of George trying to get through the screen door to come in and visit with us. We declined to oblige!

There’s also the beginnings of an album of sunrises. The beach is a short drive from where we live and as the birdsong usually wakes us up early we catch some magnificent sunrises on our morning walk along the beach.

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