I’ve spent much of today working on how to get this blog “out there” into the ‘blogosphere’. I’ve looked up a lot of links on RSS or Really Simple Syndication (or Rich Site Summary) and have been interested to note how difficult it has been to find an explanation which enables me to use this technology, as distinct from having a theoretical understanding.

I got one half of the equation right fairly quickly, i.e. how to get RSS news feeds from other sources. There are a number of tools available. I have Speed Demon on a free 30 day trial and I have the freeware product RSS Reader installed. It’s quite amazing how you can almost instantly have a huge amount of information, in easily accessible, sorted format, from various sources including the Washington Post, the Kerry-Edwards campaign blog and lots of others.

The other side of the equation, setting up my blog so that others would be aware of updates and would get feeds from my site, was more challenging to negotiate. I have quite a bit of information and I have two links on this weblog site to facilitate sharing the information: there is the link Syndicate this Site (XML) and the link to my Bloglines entry where people can sign up to receive regular updates from this blog – that’s how I understand it, hope I’ve got it right! If not, I’ll get it later – the good thing from my viewpoint is that I’ve made a start.

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