For someone just getting started with a home business, blogging can be tremendously valuable. You can use your blog as a journal, to map where you are going and track where you’ve been. You can use it to get known. You can use it to link and share with others in your line of business. And one of the biggest advantages I see is that many people in home based business are starting on a shoestring budget and don’t see themselves affording a fancy website. For a very low cost (try “nothing”) a home business can have a blog which is often much more stylish and functional than a website on a budget will be. So where do people go to check out what can be done?

Here’s a great resource I just found on blogging, from Andy Wibbels, of Coachamatic fame, via the website of Michael Port – it’s an intro to Andy’s excellent Easy Bake Weblogs course I did last year. Andy’s a very well-informed, high energy guy and generous with his advice.

And I noted in the intro that Andy offers to do an intro session if people want the blogging concept explained. I’ve suggested to colleagues who manage the Queensland Coachville Chapter that this could be a great topic for us to do as a teleclass.

Michael Port’s generous Free Agent Resources site, from where I clicked through to Andy’s intro, is worth visiting in its own right. Some great resources – Michael, with another coach blogging guru Hal Macomber, is one of The Project Guys and they have some great stuff on project management. I’ve done a project management course with them and they have great advice and practical tools which are particularly good for helping people (like me) who are more in the armwaving, “don’t make me get into the detail” area.

(Update, May 2011: links in the original post go nowhere now and have been removed.)

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