Just posted this on the Ryze “Ultimate Serious Writers Group” and cross-posting it here for the record (one less thing to file where I can’t find it!) – these books are in addition to Chris Howard’s book as in the previous post.

“If Aristotle Ran General Motors”, Tom Morris, 1997, subtitled “the new soul of business” – recommended to me when I mentioned in an ezine that I had been reading about the Socrates Cafe phenomenon. I have studied Aristotle and other early Greek – and more modern – philosophers, so have some framework, although that is not necessary to read the book. I’m finding it not the most engaging read – maybe this former professor was more exciting in the lecture theater.

“The Power of Intention – Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way” – Dr Wayne Dyer. To quote usefully from the dustjacket blurb, “This book explores intention – not as something you do – but as an energy you’re a part of.” I find Dyer’s approach to personal growth and evolution more accessible than the obsessive goal setting some people advocate. But then I’m a Dyer fan from way back 🙂

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