In the process of immersing myself a couple of months ago in what was happening in online marketing, I signed up for lots of newsletters, introductory courses, affiliate programs and special offers. And now, to use the old Biblical image, it seems that having sown the wind, I’m reaping the whirlwind.

Every day now I am inundated with AMAZING offers!!!! And I can’t blame it all on spam, as I’ve actually asked for a lot of this stuff.

One of the twists I see is what I call the “I’m puzzled” message. It goes something like this – and because when I signed up I gave my first name the message is addressed to me personally – “Des, I’m puzzled. For the past 11 days I’ve been sending you every day one of the lessons from my Amazing, Unique, World-shaking course on how to get rich/lose weight/have a perfect relationship (or whatever it is). I see you have not chosen to go to the next level and buy my Amazing, Unique, World-shaking e-book.” And so on.

One of the problems is that to test the market I signed up for so many things that I simply can’t recall who some of these people are – and my “pending” folder grows daily.

I suspect it’s not karmically good to leave all these messages of puzzlement, disappointment and importuning wretchedness clogging up my email folders, so I really must do a purge of them soon, to make way for the good stuff.

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