I love helping people work out what their business priorities are and getting set with their strategy. It’s not so straightforward when I have to work out my own priorities and strategy. My own coaches and mentors have given me plenty of guidance and support, but it’s really come home to me in the past week that I have to be more rigorous with myself about my vision and the strategies to achieve that.

I’ve been helped in this process a great deal by doing a 2.5 day course with NLP master Chris Howard and working through his book, Three Steps to Wealth and Power. Yes, that’s a plug 🙂 – and I do believe anyone who wants to move forward and is prepared to think differently can benefit from Chris’s seminars and from his book.

Chris has a wonderful ability to take complex concepts and present them in a clear and concise way, and then help you to implement bold, practical action steps. One thing that is emerging from this process is that I am excited by the possibilities to provide services for people in home based business. In particular, I intend to work on strategies to enable home based business people to achieve outstanding business and financial success and to have a balanced life while they do that, not just as some retirement dream. With sixteen years in home based business, I can speak – and listen – from experience.

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