This is another cross post (edited) from the Ryze “Ultimate Serious Writers Group” (USWG). Don’t intend to cross post everything I write there, but I wanted to make sure this one was here, because it marks a point in the development of this blog as well as in my own commitment to daily writing.

…the seriousness of the commitment I see here has been one of the stimuli for me to get back into blogging. Don’t know if the general populace here (on USWG) regard blogging as serious, or serious enough for USWG, but it is serious enough for me at present, as I have set the intention to write every day in the blog and happily have kept to that for five days in a row. Previously I would procrastinate as “I didn’t know what to write on”.

I still don’t know in advance what to write on! So I sit down, fire up the posting page on my Typepad system and then pick something that appeals to me or interests me from the last day or so.

I do have a generic, “writing about whatever takes my fancy today” blog, but have not been assiduous or consistent in posting to that. I figured I needed more of a focus or subject area to write on.

Because for my coaching business I’m focusing at present on the challenges and opportunities of home based business and have indeed been in that sector for the past 16 years, it made sense to me to set up a blog focused on (or at least “around”) the subject of home based business. Broad as the subject is, there would be some discipline required in not being totally off topic. So far this is working, in terms of prompting me with things to write about.

For those interested in how you title things (a writer friend once told me he could not start a book until he’d worked out the title) I wondered about the title of the blog and played around with variations of “Home based business”. Then I read a blog about blog titles*, where the author listed a number of quite intriguing titles and then said he found it a bit of a nuisance trying to find a favorite blog among all cute and tricksy names and he would like people to use their own names in the titles, so he could find them in his lists. I liked the idea of being found, so I decided on “Des Walsh’s homebusiness” with the sub title “home based business weblog”.

* the reference is to the phil ringnalda dot com blog “You’re a handsome blog, what’s your owner’s name?”

see also: John Walkenback’s the J-Walk Blog and the post Good Blog Names Redux – I enjoyed the comment “I’ve come to the conclusion that most blogs don’t have a good name…”

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