Working from home, home based business, home business – whatever name or descriptor you use, I’m pretty sure that for most or all people who do this there are pluses and minuses.

My impression however is that when I look at websites or books about home based business I get mostly an assumption that working from home, having a home based business is an unalloyed “good thing”. But there are definitely some negatives.

In the USA, 53% of small businesses are based in the home. The Office of Size Standards in the US Small Business Administration provides a detailed and fascinating (to me anyway) explanation of what is meant by “small business” in that country and an industry by industry breakdown of the measures of “small business” – which generally don’t seem to go much above $25 million in turnover and 500 or fewer employees, although for quite a few industry sectors the measure is 1000 or fewer employees.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics however defines a small business as one with fewer than 20 employees. And according to the Bureau, the average small business in Australia is home based.

Whatever the detailed statistics are, it’s pretty clear that the movement from big corporations, big organisations, to the home based business is proceeding at a rapid rate in many countries, certainly in North America and in countries like Australia. And a lot of what is written about this is inevitably written by people who see it as A Good Thing and something to be promoted. For example, as network marketing is generally in the category of home based business, those who promote the various business opportunities in that industry sector are usually quick to point out the advantages of working from home, with heart warming stories of how people now have more present time for their kids as well as being able to make a substantial income.

A quick Google search shows 4, 200,000 search links for “home based business advantages” and only 360,000 for “home based business disadvantages”. That in itself doesn’t prove much more than that people are searching more (or more people are searching) on the advantage aspect than the disadvantage.

From my reading, this issue is generally presented on the web and in books on small business in the context of making decisions about how you want to work and not so much in terms of guidance for people who are already in the home based business sector and want to make it work better. This is what I want to explore in this blog for a bit – how people who already have a home based business can make it work better and indeed how they can achieve outstanding success in terms of career satisfaction, wealth creation, contribution, or in whatever category their values are calling them to succeed.

And as this blog gets more visitors, I’m looking forward to getting helpful comments to help build the picture.

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