I’m starting to be concerned, as a keen student now of internet marketing (IM), that the more emails I get from IM gurus and wannabe gurus the more risk I take that my sensitivity to language will be seriously eroded and the precision of my own communication blunted. Yesterday I received yet another of what I call “ultimate drivel” emails, which read in part:

“This may be the the most important email I ever send you.
In fact, it may be the most important email you ever get from anyone!”

To which my response might be, if I were communicating with a human being and not an autoresponder, something along the lines of:

“That may be the silliest email I have ever received.
In fact it may be the most fundamentally idiotic email I ever get from anyone!” (note, not neglecting the exclamation mark!”

There is so much of this nonsense clogging up the planet’s inboxes. No doubt some people respond and pay their money, but it has me mystified.

I will hold to my belief that precision in language and effective marketing are not incompatible. I’m finding some good examples of people who are literate, sensitive to linguistic nuance, use a vocabulary which is neither vulgar nor excessively plain, and are at the same time, by all accounts, highly effective online marketers.

I’m planning to start assembling a list here of the “gurus” who seem to me to make good sense and who also have an attractive way with language.

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