The immediate stimulus to getting this blog going seriously/funfully came yesterday when I was working through a pile of stuff I’ve downloaded about online marketing and came across an item by Jennifer Nastu about blogging, in  marketing sherpa. That sent me looking for blogs on home based business and checking out their Google page ranking.

I found some quite interesting blogs which had a 0/10 page rank, several which had 5/10 and one with a 6/10. Some had some good information for building a home based business, some were fairly impersonal, others quite chatty. Whatever I do, it will have to be fairly personal and chatty or I will lose interest fast. At the same time, I want to make it really useful, with good links to resources, ideas, reading. I know from participation in various forums that I can often draw effectively on my experience, in big organisations as well as in my sixteen years of home based business, to help others: this blog will draw on that experience.

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