I realised after creating this blog that, because of the written the way I’d written the name, it had become “homebusiness” – one word, all lower case, not “Home Business” or “Home Based Business” or “Business from Home”. More and more, often or usually without realising it, we are thinking and writing/typing to fit in with machine language, using new rules, as yet not codified and not very well understood, if at all.

So we type in “homebusiness” knowing it will be part of a url – which when I started using the web was a URL or even a Universal Resource Locator. Of course, there are still people, I’m one, who say “yew are ell” as three items, whereas I’ve heard more techie types over the years call it an “url” as in “pearl”. What does this say for how we communicate in print? Should we jettison the rules of punctuation? I know people in the coaching world who follow the lead of the late and amazing Thomas Leonard – (call me ‘t’) who argued that for email communication all that capitalization and stuff was a waste of time. He put this into practice and I have to acknowledge that he was a master at email communication. I fluctuate – when I’m in a hurry I often write in abbreviated, all lower case like a text message on a cell/mobile phone. When I’m being more reflective, more structured, as with this item, I go for “proper” punctuation, grammar etc. But no doubt about it, there are new rules in play.

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