5 Lessons from a Missed Business Appointment

OMG, I missed that appointment! Have you ever missed an important business appointment? I missed one this morning and was both embarrassed and annoyed with myself for doing so. Ironically, although I had the appointment date and time correctly listed in my Google...

What’s the Reading Age for Your Blog?

"You Should Aim for Grade 8 Reading Level."  "Are You Serious?" I still remember being quite shocked, some years ago, when a blogging expert said something to the effect that if you wanted to attract and keep readers for your blog you should make the language simple...

Being Busy is OK, but it’s not an Excuse for Discourtesy

The old "I'm very busy" fob off A couple of recent experiences have reminded me that being busy is no excuse for being discourteous. Or for fobbing people off just because you don't want to say no. I'm sure we have all had some version of the following. You go to a...

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