GVO Conference

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Affordable Online Meetings and Webinars

Have you been looking for a fully-featured service for online conference, meetups and webinars, and at an affordable price? If so, you have come to the right place.

The product is GVO Conference.

GVO is a premium web hosting firm that has been providing internet-based products for the past 12 years.

Des is using his GVO Conference room for his monthly (free) Social Media Webinars 2011 series.

GVO Conference allows you to:

  • Have 50 people in attendance (basic, upgradable service)
  • Make a Powerpoint presentation or play a video clip which all attendees can watch
  • Use a whiteboard with drawing tools to explain, illustrate
  • Share your desktop to display static items or live internet connection
  • Interact via voice or text chat with your participants
  • Manage the group interaction, with a co-moderator
  • When you want more capacity, simply upgrade to the next level, on the fly

All this for only $8.97 per month.
See table below for features in detail. For those who are interested, there is also an affiliate business opportunity.

GVO Features in Detail

Audio/Video ControllersDisable or enable web cam or microphone.
Talk NowClick to enable voice to be broadcast to members logged into your conference room.
PresentationConverts and presents your Power Point.
Hands FreeModerator can click tab to speak hands free.
Mute Current SpeakerModerator can mute guest speaker.
FlagsModerator can see country flag to members location.
Remove Current SpeakerModerator can remove guest speaker from room.
Ban Current SpeakerModerator can remove guest speaker from room.
RecordModerator can record full audio/video of presentation.
1×4 Full DuplexModerator is able to bring up 3 other people all at same time on video and audio. Displayed in browser window.
ChatText message all guests.
5 Room Package Owners Only*Your extra rooms displayed in bottom right box. Drag and drop members into other rooms created on your account.
Clear Text ChatModerator can clear all text chat posted.
Browser Side TabsExpands browser window size.
Issue Moderator FunctionsModerator can issue moderator functions to end-user.
MembersLists all guests present in room.
SettingsSystems settings for conference room set up.
Multiple ModeratorsCreate multiple moderators for your live events.
Access to Shared FilesSend files to guests in room.
1-1 Full DuplexEnable MODERATOR to go into a private video and audio conversation with an end user.
Inbuilt Video PlayerBroadcast video and movies to your end-users.
WhiteboardDraw on screen, sites, power points.
Windows/Mac CompatibleWindows/Mac
Complete Vote ModuleTake live on the spot polls.
Live ShowLive streaming video.
Desktop SharingModerator can display desktop to end users.
All Features Standard w. package of choice* Note item exception for 5 room package owners
UpgradeUpgrade on the fly for extra rooms or seats, from admin panel
Private LabelingAvailable as extra add-on
Basic Rate1 Room = 50 seats, affordable US$8.95 mo., for anywhere in the world with Internet connection

The Webarts Company Pty Ltd, publisher of Thinking Home Business, is an affiliate of GVO Conference.