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Writing for MYOB Blog The Pulse

Our business has been a customer of accounting and payroll software providers MYOB since way back in the 90s, when they had just got started. And now I’m writing for the MYOB blog The Pulse. The blog is about “news, views and ideas for your business” and aims to provide content, news and articles that […]

Looking for Something to Tweet? LinkedIn Updates to the Rescue

With LinkedIn Updates you need never want for Twitter content So you’ve been to the networking breakfast and the guest speaker told you that regular, frequent tweets are essential to building your presence on Twitter. But what to tweet? For some people, that never seems to be an issue. For others, it’s a challenge. If […]

LinkedIn Bloggers Group Provides a Spam Free Discussion Zone

I once read a blog post, which I have just found again thanks to Google, where the author Eric Reiss addressed the question of what might constitute an “Internet year” (much as we talk about “dog years”). The multiplier he came up with, offered as a “useful answer” to the question, was that 1 Internet […]