What Would a Useful Book on Business Blogging Look Like?

Way back in 2006 I published my first ebook, a basic guide to blogging, written for non-technical business people.  In line with the title, 7 Step Business Blog, it was a step-by-step guide to help people get up and running.

The ebook is no longer for sale but can be downloaded free of charge at this link.

Now I’m looking at doing a completely new ebook and have posted about that on my Des Walsh dot Com site.

I’m open to suggestions and ideas about just what such a guide would include, both essentially and optionally/desirably.

By the way, I realize I was floating a concept here along these lines just over a year ago, but now I want to have asy fresh a look as I can at the subject.

In the meantime, on the basis of having to start somewhere, I have drawn up a draft list of chapter themes, as follows:

  • Know why you are blogging (business purpose)
  • Think strategically – and “socially” (blog as part of broader social business strategy)
  • Set up your blog (using WordPress.org – noting other platforms available)
  • Start blogging (drafting, posting, tagging, using video etc)
  • Build connections (comment on other blogs, cross link to Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Optimize your blog (search engine optimization basics)
  • Monitor and measure (in relation to business purpose)

I welcome any suggestions you may like to offer.

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