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How To Become A Successful Video Marketer and Presenter

[pb_vidembed title=”Video Marketing” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”480″ h=”385″] I wish I had known a few years ago what I now know about using video to tell my business story on line and I wish I had taken action then. Not that it’s too late, just that now the world is starting to realise how […]

How I Improved My LinkedIn Search Ranking with Help from Lewis Howes

Yesterday, in the course of a presentation to a local group on using the business professional networking platform LinkedIn to help grow a business or career, I showed some figures for how my LinkedIn search ranking for some key terms had improved rather dramatically over the previous five days and a little of how I […]

How a Quick Tweet Earned Me Some New Boardies

This is kind of a fun post, with a hopefully useful angle in terms of using Twitter for business.

Getting Set with a Domain Name via Namecheap

When you have been blogging for a long time and had to find your way through the intricacies of various blogging tools and related matters such as how to set up a blog in the first place, it’s easy to forget just how mysterious and confusing it all seemed at the beginning. Getting the domain […]

Ask for Help: 5 Tips for Starting a Home Based Business

Is it a fair generalization to say that people who start a home based business are likely to be a self-reliant, independence-loving breed? If so, “Ask for Help” could be the most significant or most potentially productive of the five tips in this series of posts on starting (or re-booting) a home based business. In […]