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Establishing a Blog Posting Schedule

The time has come to set up a regular schedule for my blog posts I’ve been aware for a long time that having a schedule in place for my blog posting would increase the likelihood of more frequency, and would quite likely have a positive impact on the quality of the posts overall. I acknowledge […]

Weekly #blogchat Thread on Twitter Not to be Missed

Mack Collier’s Sunday night #blogchat discussion on Twitter wins fans One of the neat things that has happened on the social networking platform Twitter is the emergence of “hashtag chats”, where the use of a # hashtag in a tweet lines that tweet up in a discoverable stream of tweets using the same hashtag. Anyone […]

Topic Ideas for a Business Blogging Book

If I wrote a new book on business blogging, what would be a good list of topics? It seems to me that with blogging, as with anything you’ve been doing for a sufficient length of time, it’s easy to fall into the way of thinking that some things are quite obvious, even though they weren’t […]