Top Sites: the First Eight

Top home business related sites news aggregator: the first eight sites on the list

Yesterday I posted about the new configuration of my Top Sites page here as a news aggregator for sites related to working from home.

Thinking Home Business Top Site badgeToday I want to recommend you visit directly the sites that are included on TopSites here and the very switched-on people behind the sites.

Carrie Wilkinson  Barefoot Executive

Shirley George Frazier  Solo Business Marketing

Brandie Kajino  SOHO Solutionist

Kate Lister  Undress for Success

Becky McCray & colleagues Small Biz Survival

Randy Duermyer   Randy’s Home Business Blog

Dane Carlson  Business Opportunities

Peter Lee   Work from Home Business Blog

And part of my plan for this week is to start a series of posts, highlighting each week one of the sites on the Top Sites list: Top Site of the Week.

Remember if you have a site that you believe will fit on the Top Sites page, or know of one, please let me know via the
Contact page.

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  1. Thanks Des, you flatterer you!

  2. I like it! 🙂 There are some really interesting blogs on there that I wouldn’t have found without your list

  3. Mitch
    If necessary I would make a list just to have the pleasure of your being on it. Watch this space!

  4. It’s good to see some people I’m familiar with on this list, Des. One of these days I’m going to make one of your lists with one of my blogs; them I’m going to crow about it! lol