What is the Best Duration for a Podcast?

Invitation to participate in a short survey to help with podcast planning

BlogTalkRadioLogoI’ve put together a short survey (see below), designed to elicit some views and advice on what would be the best time duration for my podcast show on BlogTalkRadio, Des Walsh & Friends.

I’ve been sticking to a thirty minute duration, but am not wedded to that. The thirty minute duration was chosen on the basis of a highly subjective assessment, namely that:

  • it enabled my guests and me to share with listeners some reasonably useful/interesting information and opinions
  • because it was only half an hour it was not going to be seen as a less than productive time sink.

Related to the second bullet point, the thirty minute duration also met a criterion I’d read or heard from some podcast expert, that it was a good “commute” timeframe for those who want to download and listen on the go.

But I don’t really know.

I do know that when the half hour comes up I am typically wanting to keep going with the conversation.

Then, when I listen to one hour podcasts, some seem a bit too unfocused, a bit rambly and I get a bit antsy.

Hence the survey. It’s really short, with only a few questions and a box for any comments.

Sorry, there is no Caribbean cruise for the most interesting response, but I will report back here on the results. And I’ll be truly grateful.

Think of the good karma. 🙂

Click here to take survey

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  1. No problem. Thanks for adjusting it so promptly!

  2. It must not have saved… I’ve fixed the problem… my apologies Des! That was embarassing 🙁 You can see it now, and your blog is also on my Blogroll.

  3. Natalia
    That’s nice, but when I clicked through to your site I could not see that this post was linked.

  4. I enjoyed this post so much I mentioned it in my blog this morning for Best Posts I’ve Read This Week. Check it out! Cheers 🙂 http://tiny.cc/XO1BI


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