Live Networking is a Valuable Part of Working From Home

Networking breakfast at the beach and an interview with a champion networker

Just a week ago today I had a reminder that, while it’s great to connect with colleagues and customers globally, via the Web, it’s also very healthy for business to go to live events.

Just before Christmas, at a local Chamber of Commerce function, I met up with a good friend, although lately we have not been frequently in the same place, local businesswoman, coach and superb networker, Kym Kranen, I learned that Kym was running some networking breakfasts in the local region.

I attended one of the breakfasts last week and was very glad I had done so. Good conversation, some excellent business ideas, dynamic people.

Actually, a good touch with these events is that if you don’t want a breakfast as such you can just have a coffee or tea – or water! And there is no admission charge, so for people working from home and on a very tight budget, “can’t afford it” is not a viable excuse for staying away.

It was also good to be able to get a few minutes of Kym’s time and speak with her about what she is doing with business networking in the region and how this can help, especially but not exclusively, people with businesses from home – and on the latter topic she shared some interesting statistics.

Here is the video of the chat we had.

You can find out more about what Kym does and make contact, via her site Solutions4Success.

Do you have a story to share – good or “cautionary” – about the value of attending local networking events?

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  1. Thanks Kym – likely I will be in Sydney that day but if that changes I may be able to come.

  2. Hi Des,

    Thanks so much for those kind words, I’m so happy you are enjoying our networking gatherings!

    I have a new venture coming up… MyHome Business Lunch @ Sltbar, Kingscliff on Mon may 24th. This is an event especially for home-based business people. For more info or to book go to

    Thanks Des, hope to see you there

  3. Russell says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with me

  4. I know exactly what you mean about getting caught up in the daily running and building of the business that it’s easy to forget to get out the door for some socialising and networking.

    My plan is to do more of it this year too, the thing is it’s been more of a plan than a reality so far! So I made sure I’m booked in for a seminar with some networking time to get me moving along.

    Well done on getting out and doing it yourself, now the next step it is to make it a regular thing. 🙂

    All the best,