Using Google Alerts for Blog Post Topic Inspiration

Having a couple of relevant keywords in your Google Alerts can help with finding topics for your blog

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I know there are people who blog on a daily basis and even more frequently and there have been times, usually on a Sunday or a Monday, when I’ve told myself “this week!”. The statistical reality is that over the years I have averaged just over 3 blog posts a week on this site.

I console myself that:

a. this is not my only blog, so if I take account of my blog posts elsewhere I probably do post on average closer to five days a week, and

b. a lot of my posts are a lot longer than those of some of the daily or several times a day bloggers

I’m not saying my longer posts are necessarily better, brevity being the soul of wit and all that.  But I have to admit I do perk up whenever I read or hear another social media/blogging consultant say that about three times a week is a good number for a business blog, even if they also advocate more frequent postings.

And even with an average of three posts a week here, rather than five or more, I do get stuck sometimes about what to post on.

Today, for instance.

Here I am, end of the working week – although that’s often a flexible concept for those of us who work from home – and so far I’ve done only one post here this week.

Then I thought, I know, Google Alerts.

For any reader who doesn’t know about Google Alerts, it’s an excellent, free service that basically keeps watch on the Web and alerts you when a word or phrase you are interested in is used somewhere.

I have a few words in my Alerts relating to home based business. Today, one of those had an alert for a very interesting, in fact impressive UK based site, Enterprise Nation, which focuses on home based business and whose founder and editor is one Emma Jones.

Sometimes I get quite disheartened, looking for blogs which are about home based business but are not just plugging office furniture or some get-rich-quick-in-your-night-attire capers.

So finding Enterprise Nation, whose tagline is “a free resource to help you start and grow your business at home”, made my day.

And yes, I got an idea for a blog post. But then I got chatting here about Google Alerts and finding Enterprise Nation, and now I see that the post is quite long enough, so the blog post idea can keep for another day. Soon!

Actually, there’s another idea, which is not original but which I could use – break up some of my longer posts into shorter ones, thus in one stroke

a. lifting my batting average

b. pleasing those who like shorter posts.

If you have ever found yourself coming up a bit short in the “things to blog about” department, why not try Google Alerts? And if it works for you – or if it doesn’t – do please share your results here.

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  1. Tom - marketing tips says:

    What a great idea! Sorry to say I have not even thought of using Google alerts as a source of inspiration for new blog posts.I have been using forums and browsing mybloglog and blogcatalog.This is a lot easier. Thanks Des!

  2. @john & Des; I would say someone to go to for real tips for a “young” blogger is Griz. just google him! Tons of info free of charge and he does it on a free platform blogger.
    Nice post though

  3. Sometimes it is sooo difficult to come up with post topics that are original or not overly exploited. I never knew about Google Alerts although it is in my Google dashboard. I’ve got mine set-up now to notify me. Awesome tip! Thanks 🙂

  4. I also use Google Alerts. It is critical to my home business, it helps me stay on top of keywords as soon as their presented. Thanks!

  5. Hi John
    It’s a great idea to start blogging. If you don’t have a computer yet, how would you propose to do it? One way could be to use the local library.

    It might take a while to start making money and there is no shortage of “schemes” to offer you instant riches online, but I imagine you will be able to see through those. The old saying is still a good one, “if it seems too good to be true…”. One site I would strongly recommend you check out and spend some time reading through the archives is Darren Rowse’s Problogger. Darren is a great guy, one of the world’s top bloggers, and shares information and advice generously. He has also written a book, also called Problogger – actually the full title is ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
    : if you are not flush enough to buy a copy, your local library should have a copy – ours does and we’re in a semi-rural location with a library service that does not have a lot of current books in this field! Another Australian who has been very successful in blogging for money and like Darren is a top bloke, is Yaro Starak, who runs a program called Blog Mastermind (I see the latest program is closing today). And not to be too modest, you might like to download a copy of my 7 Step Business Blog from the link in the sidebar: it’s a good price, i.e. free: you’ll need to register to do that, but you can unsubscribe later if you wish, without hassle.

  6. John Alchin says:

    I am a 58 year old man just out of work and looking for a way of making money on the internet by trying internet marketing. But I have given up on that idea because I don’t have my own computer plus I am only new at operating a computer. I can type and so I
    feel blogging would be a good idea. Reading your post has helped me consider it. I don’t think that I will blog for money just yet because I am very new at blogging. I am not a very fast typist and so I think that you beat me at posting as many posts as you do.


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