Valuable Resource on Working at Home: Review

The video embedded in this post is a review of the book Undress for Success, subtitled “The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home”, authors Kate Lister and Tom Harnish, published by Wiley.

I included some information and positive comments about the book in  a post here some months ago. At the time I fully intended to do a longer review post fairly soon after that, but each time I went to start that review I was blocked, so to speak, but the thought that I might not do it justice.

In the video review, which is just over 12 minutes, I give my impression of the book and single out some of the features that appealed to me, including its comprehensiveness, realism, thoughtfulness and humor.

I’ve noticed that in the video , where I mention the subtitle of the book I say “from home”, not “at home”. A slip of the tongue which I believe I compensate for adequately in the video where I explain the distinction and why the authors are concentrating on the phenomenon of people working at home.

Undress for Success is a valuable resource for anyone currently working at home, anyone thinking about it, employers, public policy-makers and others. I am indeed impressed.

Have you already been through the book, or at least skimmed it? Please share your thoughts here .

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  1. Joel
    I’m sure it’s an “any good bookstore” number. If you have any difficulty getting it, please let me know and I am confident something can be sorted out.

  2. sounds very good…is this book available in Los Angeles? I’ll get a book by tomorrow.

  3. Home business entrepreneur says:

    I run a home based bookstore. As a home business owner I always surf on the internet trying to read business tips. This post is unique in its title and is applicable in every day business practices. Thank you.

  4. Hi Des,

    I have also read this book, and it is an invaluable resource when considering, or are actively working from home.

    The benefits the book details are spot on, and actually shows and gives a great insight to anybody considering working from home, etc.

    The world is changing, as you know Des, and where as once it could have been frowned upon to work from home, it is quickly becoming widely accepted, even by employers, many of whom are looking towards this way of thinking, to attract employees, but also to save revenue themselves.

    Keep up the good work. I have read much of your blog in the past, and it contains some great information.

    Take Care


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