Explaining Skype Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Skype logoI was surprised to realize just now, from a quick search of the archives, that I have been a fan of and writing here about the “Internet phone” service Skype, for at least four years now.

Surprised, because after all that time I’m still finding people, some even in business, who look blank when I ask are they on Skype. Not so many now, mind, but some. And it bothers me somewhat that, even when I’ve explained that it is a free service and all you need to use it is your Internet connection, some still look a bit wary and change the subject to the football or the weather (yes, there are some add-on services you can pay for, but you can do plenty without those).

My interest is usually not in persuading someone that it would be good for them, although I don’t believe I know anyone who could not benefit. More that it would be good for me when I want to communicate with them and especially if there is likely to be a need for a group meeting. Because that’s another great thing about Skype, the phone conferencing.

Skype also has video and my friend and colleague Bill Vick has used Skype video with continuing success, to record video interviews such as those on his XtremeRecruiting.tv site.

Of all the tools available on the Web for home based business professionals, especially for that vast tribe of us who work internationationally and don’t really want to run up huge phone bills but still want to talk to people live from time to time, Skype has to be in the top rank.

One of the big advantages it has for me, over the regular telephone service, is that through the chat box I can establish whether someone is “at home” and willing to take a call, before I hit the “Call” button. When you are working with people around the world, in different time zones, that is completely preferable to phoning them on a regular phone connection, at what might be an inappropriate time, such as when they are asleep!

And now, thanks to a post by Phil Wolff of Skype Journal fame, I’ve discovered an easy way to help people understand what Skype is and what it does, by pointing them to the short, effective video from the obviously very talented folks at Say It Visually!

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  1. Great explanation. Skype is really good for communicate with client in sam eor other countries. We are also using it to interact with clients in our company.

  2. What a great explanation! I’ve used the term “voice over IP” and that gets even worse stares! That’s what I get for working in telecom in a former life.
    Seriously, though, thanks for the visual!

  3. Skype is primarily designed to provide voice and video communication between computers. As such, it isn’t a suitable substitute for regular phone service, nor does it pretend to be.Through Skype you can call someone from your computer to other anywhere in the world.There is no fee for it.The only requirement is Internet, a headset and a microphone.There is something called Skypeout with which you can make unlimited calls to landlines as well as cell phones throughout USA and Canada for $2.95.Is not it great?

  4. WickyChicky says:

    I love Skype – It has saved me so much time, money and hastle. I don’t even have a home phone anymore. It is simply cheaper to make my local calls via my cell phone (another must have for Home Business) and all other calls via Skype.
    Great article!

  5. I have been using skype for an year now. and its the most amazing online calling service i have ever come across you can say that i am fan of skype.The clear picture and uninterrupted calls more over , video conferencing is the another feature that i love about it. We can easily send files. I have recommended most of my friends skype and they also floored by its service and it saves you so much of money. A friend of mine runs a home business and for him Skpye is just a boon as it helps him to avoid all the extra cost he need to incur the calls worldwide.Cheers to Skype!