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Your How to Guide to Making A Healthy Income That Lasts!

Income Fitness Review “Do you want to make a healthy living online? Then Barbara Ling’s Income Fitness is just the Blueprint you need TODAY. This is more than an ebook, it is a course that will, if you choose to follow the step by step guides, move you towards your online success. Everything is included […]

Working With What You’ve Got: My Kasongan Elephant

This clay elephant I bought in the Jogjakarta region in Indonesia many years ago is a symbol for me of how even the poorest of people and communities, lacking many of the comforts enjoyed by people in other communities, can create business and income by focusing on their skills. It’s my “don’t complain about what […]

Sunday Markets: a Strawberry Experience

This sign at the local Sunday market, for strawberries, is even simpler than the honey sign the other week. The appeal is direct and the message instantly absorbable: even without words you know it’s a strawberry stand; the words and numbers tell you it’s half a kilo for $5, which is very good value compared […]

Nuffnang Shares The Joy

Gotta Love A Freebie! What a surprise we had this week when we went to collect our mail! An unexpected box of goodies from the Nuffnang bloggers’ network. Yes, we are associates of Nuffnang, but we really appreciated this suprise because it was not anything we could have expected as being due to us. It […]

Explaining Skype Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

I was surprised to realize just now, from a quick search of the archives, that I have been a fan of and writing here about the “Internet phone” service Skype, for at least four years now. Surprised, because after all that time I’m still finding people, some even in business, who look blank when I […]