Win a HP Officejet All-in-One Printer

I’m pretty sure the only things we’ve ever given away on this blog in the past five years have been suggestions, advice and how-to tips. So it’s a new experience, and a pleasant one, to be able to announce a more tangible giveaway, courtesy of Hewlett-Packard (HP), in the form of a HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One Printer. And not just one but three of them (value AU$499 each).

kangaroo with hat

Before I go any further, and having been disappointed more than once or twice by trying to enter for something like this and then discover it’s only for people in the USA or Canada, I want to say upfront that this particular giveaway is only for delivery in Australia.

So each of three fortunate Australia-based readers of this blog will be receiving one of these printers, which have the following features:

  • wireless (having bought ourselves a non-wireless printer I can’t say how much I would love a wireless one, but of course I can’t enter this competition!)
  • professional colour documents for a claimed up to 50% less cost per page and energy than a laser printer
  • combines printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • helps you produce your own marketing materials in-house (another saving, which is always interesting for us home-based bizoids)

It doesn’t make coffee or stop you spending too much time on Twitter.

But it’s a pretty neat package.

How to Enter

Easy peasy. Post a comment here, in 25 words or fewer, sharing how you believe one of these all in one printers could help you grow your business. And yes, you may leave a link (spam-free zone of course). You might like to do a blog post, or a video or a podcast and then use your comment here (still in 25 words or fewer) to link to that.

Usual transparency, not available for relatives or business partners of this blog’s authors, Des or Suzie.

All the entries that comply with these simple rules will be put through a random sorter, to find three winners.

UPDATE: Closing date and timeย now extended (due to unforeseen problems with Website access)

Entries will now close Friday 31st July 2009, 11pm AEST. Drawing on Saturday August 1, will not be televised but will be filmed and uploaded: it may even be livestreamed if we can sort out the technology.

Kanga cartoon from Dennis Holmes Designs

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  1. We have our three winners now and will be announcing them tomorrow on this blog in a new post.

    So as not to needlessly confuse anyone who might come across this post and not realise the offer has closed, we are now turning comments off for this post.

  2. Karin Hanna says:

    MAc and Pc have finally agreed they will share HP and provide a welcoming &Loving environment for her. We know shes a gal cos shes so good at multi tasking! MWAh

  3. @ Andrew Thanks for participating

    That wraps it up. Thanks everyone for participating. We’ll do the draw tomorrow (Saturday). We’ll then check to make sure we have Australian addresses for delivery and hand the delivery process over to HP.
    .-= Des Walsh´s last blog ..Taking the Middle Ground on Comment Moderation =-.

  4. Andrew Mitchell says:

    After 7 years of child rearing my wife is just starting up a home based photography business. This would help SOOOO much.

  5. @ Jodie – thanks for the rhyme -v. cool!

    @ Debbie – stepping up!

    @ Pam – the HP entrepreneurial story has always been an inspiration to me and an illustration of the old saying “from tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow”

  6. I am in the process of purchasing a franchise and this would certainly assist reducing start up costs and allow me to achieve my dreams.
    .-= Thea Baker´s last blog ..Taezar: @Mohawked So what did you do today? "Well I extracted a horse." =-.

  7. Pam Brossman says:

    HP is the company of the future staying in tune with their target audience and meeting their needs. These days entrepreneurs work all around the world and live the lifestyle of their dreams and HP are the only innovative brand that is staying in touch with the needs of their consumers. Being an online entrepreneur and mother this innovation allows me to print quality products at the touch of a button anywhere anytime. HP = Innovation = Success.

    Thank you for bringing printing into the 21st century and matching needs, desires and technology with your target audience. Congratulations.

  8. With a printer, I could create professional looking flyers and business cards. No more handing out my phone number on a scrap of paper!

  9. I have a crappy old Lexmark
    The fax doesnโ€™t work, the printing is dark
    A NEED a new machine
    The HP would be a dream!

  10. @Zenab I guess it would help you with promoting your designs?

    @Megan – Hold the dream!

  11. Just started my own VA business. Having a wireless printer, I could sit outside and work in the sunlight. Oh the dream ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Welcome To My Virtual Angel =-.

  12. Need a good printer for my home i wish if i could win!!!


    .-= Zenab´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  13. Karin Hanna says:

    Aussies only! Wanna win anew Hp Printer enter comp, i did! Currently My Mac and Pc are fighting over it Cant share Hmm

  14. Karin Hanna says:

    Thanks Des, Mac and Pc are still fighting about who gets the Hp, i am trying to get them to share but they are so competitive!Whitey & flip share! Lol I love a good comp Life is fun will keep tweeting about it for you MWAH Luvyaa

  15. @ Karin – we don’t have a specific prize for humour level of entry , but I think you would be undeniably ahead now if we did! And thanks for the tweet.

  16. Karin Hanna says:

    I just twittered my answer Lol and a link to yr Competition so others can find you Mwah Luvyaa

  17. Karin Hanna says:

    RIOT !Office Rebels Mac,Flip & WhiteyB R All screaming, WIN HP we’ll luv it,give it daily exercise & tweet luvingly!HELP SAVE ME!

  18. Belinda Diggins says:

    @Des And not only is it a cheaper one off cost but with printers like these cost saving ones the long term cheaper running costs are probably the biggest benefit. Got my fingers crossed for this one!

  19. @Belinda I wish I’d had one of these when I started: don’t want to even think about what I paid for a printer, fax machine, scanner!

  20. Belinda Diggins says:

    Have started a home business since being made redundant. My flatmates printer’s been a great help, but I’m moving out so now need my own!

  21. I’m running a consultancy in lean times, my scanner is dying, and my printer leaves streaks in the magenta. A new HP would be great!
    .-= Keith De La Rue´s last blog ..The rains down in Africa =-.

  22. Nathalie
    I can see the blog post now: Secret to a Successful and Happy Home Based Business Partnership – Get Two Printers!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. a great wireless printer that would work for both me and my partner as we both run home businesses and fight over the printer ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. @Ric Sounds like this would be very timely for you!

    @Todd That’s the idea.

    @Tony Nice thought.

    @Jillian Wow – hat tip to you!

    @Chris Best wishes with the beta – I’m sure it will be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Sarah Good tools can make a big difference, can’t they?

    @Michael From the sound of it, this one would be an advance – for example just in terms of years and the contemporary emphasis on energy efficiency.

  25. Michael Kaff says:

    Hi Les

    I’ve had an HP all-in-one for many years and it has well and truly served me well. An update would be a Godsend.

  26. Starting up a business from scratch and currently have only a printer (not a multi-function) to try and do everything and it’s just not happening.

  27. Chris Owen says:

    New business collaboration reworking a business tool into a Better Relationships tool. Will be trialling the beta versions (100+ pages) with some lucky couples.

  28. Jillian says:

    I’m an anthropologist working with Aborigines in a remote desert region. Writing submissions, applying for birth certificates from uncooperative bureaucracies, supporting baby steps into modernity.

  29. Tony Bristow says:

    I know a pensioner couple who would love to have this. I would like to be able to give it to them. Good Luck Everyone.

  30. As a sole prop/home-based business, I always strive to provide documents that look as if they’ve been created by companies with unlimited resources. If you can make a great first impression, then business will come in the door. The HP All-In-One would certainly help achieve this as well as minimise costs – the best combination!

  31. I create a free monthly brain exercise newsletter. I mail some to people who have no Internet access. My printer has died, please help me.

  32. Fleur
    It would be great to see this help you and your clients in rural Qld. I don’t think most city folk would be even talking to anyone, having to deal with a 5 day turnaround!

  33. Operate small business in rural qld helping non profit orgs, I outsource printing to neighbouring town with a 5day turnaround. Be GREAT to do inhouse.

  34. Good luck,Wendy. Thanks for joining in. All in favour of some trans-Tasman collaboration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Wendy Davie says:

    Expanding my biz to Australia so this would reduce start up costs. My sister will use it in her home office in Sydney, whoohoo


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