Working From Home and Loving It: 12 Things That Give Me Pleasure

As promised last week, the series Working From Home and Loving It continues. Today’s post is about some of the pleasures I experience in working from home.

Thinking about that reminds me immediately of my experience the other week when I went to the city for a seminar. As it was a breakfast event and on the previous trip I had been very stressed out from driving there – I was scheduled to speak so the peak hour traffic was especially bothersome – I decided this time to drive to the nearest railway station and catch the train.

It was very comfortable and a very modest contribution to reducing my carbon footprint for the day. As I boarded at the beginning of the line I had my choice of seats. There were no traffic jams and I arrived on time.

But one thing troubled me.  No smiling faces.

office worker

I’m used to starting my day with a walk on the beach and a swim most days except in winter, greeting regular fellow walkers and swimmers, who are invariably cheery or at least smiling, then heading home, having breakfast and hopping into work in the best of spirits.

But there were no smiles on the faces of the workers on the train or making their way through the city once I had left the train. In fact, most of them looked about as cheerful as someone who’d won the lottery and lost the ticket.

I told myself I needed to do this more often, not to make myself feel miserable, but to remind myself how fortunate I am in being able to work from home, make my own hours, spend not an hour or more communing commuting but more like 30 seconds and have a healthy, fresh salad for lunch not some four hour old sandwiches or fast food from a local outlet.

Yes, like a lot of people who work from home I work on weekends as well as on weekdays, I am sometimes at my desk at ten at night or later and there are benefits I don’t have that a lot of those people I saw dejectedly making their way to their cubicles do have.

There are trade-offs.

For what it’s worth, here is a list of 12 things that give me pleasure about working from home:

  • 30 second commute
  • wear what I like
  • do what I love not what I’m told has to be done
  • have chats on Skype or Twitter or the phone with friends and colleagues around the world, when and as often as I choose
  • do my coaching without having to leave home
  • eat healthily
  • have a good cup of coffee and not pay three or four dollars for the privilege
  • able to have a walk and swim in the morning to set up the day
  • associate with business colleagues I like and choose to associate and collaborate with
  • free of intra-office politics
  • the company of my partner Suzie, who also works from home (and also blogs!)
  • the absence of the more common disjunction between “work” and “life” – I prefer a harmonious flow

What gives you pleasure working from home?

Image credit: Sydney Office Worker, by Tilly Dog Fauxtografix via Flicker CC

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  1. You have made me so envious I also want to work from home, those 12 points are just great I really like the fact that you can go for a walk on the beach you don’t have to sit in traffic something that has to be the worst way to start and end the day and it happens to me every single day. I think that Jimmy’s comment really sums it up for us all.

  2. D Decker says:

    I work from home because I’m a night owl. I like to work in the wee hours of the morning when it is quiet. That’s why an internet business is best for me-it is open 24/7

  3. I am in a transition stage of working from home. One strange thing is that I still like dressing up for office even while working at home. Habits die hard!

  4. Great blog and list, pretty much sums up whats so great about been able to sit on your own desk and follow your own rules while wearing whatever you want and eating whever you want, perfect, thats why we all do it im sure, you forget the best one though, no office conversation with the person you cant stand. best ever.

    www. travelhqr. com

  5. Christine
    I’d forgotten the fluoro lights. But I haven’t forgotten air-conditioning systems that work hard to ensure that by close of business on a Monday everyone has been able to pick up the cold that a colleague brought in to share around. 🙂

  6. Renee
    Yes, the freedom is great. Of course, with the freedom comes – as always – responsibility. Some people don’t relish that idea, but as what might once have looked like “safe” jobs disappear, even those people would surely be well advised to check out such possibilities as having a home based business. Or maybe testing the idea out with an “after-hours” venture, as many do.

    Thanks. Nothing wrong with having a regular schedule – maybe I could take lessons!
    I love the fact that you publish Paris Insider from your home in Kent – what’s a channel or two between friends when we have the Internet!

  7. Yes! I am a more recent work-from-homer, but I totally agree with your assessment. There are pros and cons to be sure–but I wouldn’t change it in a million years. It just feels like how things were meant to be. (And those fluorescent lights can’t be good for your health anyway. :-))

    Christine | Communicate Values last blog post..Are We Less Social With Social Media?

  8. Trevor Carter says:

    Great Post.

    I have been lucky enough to work from home for about 4 years now. I had a brief return to an office which I shared with an associate for a while and it was this experience that convinced me that working from home was the best choice for me.

    I tend to still work 9 – 5 because of the nature of my business but the really great thing is having the option to work when it suits me best. In the Summer, you’ll often find me out with the Dogs whilst thinking out strategy or trying to work something out.

    I never take my good fortune for granted and certainly don’t need reminding why I chose working from Home over Corporate life.

    Trevor Carters last blog post..Paris Good Value Restaurants – Insider Guide Paris review

  9. I have to agree with all of the above. We have a home office and an outside office. Both are our own businesses. It’s a difficult juggling act, but my husband and I love the one-on-one we get with people at trade or craft shows and we love selling online, too. We’ve met people from all over the world: Sweden, Australia, Alaska, Mexico, Wyoming, and even as close as Houston, TX. I love the challenge of running a business of our own. Succeed or fail, it all lies on our shoulders! And, I love the freedom.

  10. DJ
    I hope people interested in the topic will visit your blog (e.g. by clicking on the link above for your last blog post) for the valuable insights and tips you provide.

    Yes, if you are going to get visitors, your liberty to wear what you want will be restricted. No, I don’t live alone – see the second last item above “* the company of my partner Suzie, who also works from home (and also blogs!)”. Suzie’s best known blog is probably

  11. Daulat Singhd says:

    I work from home too but there are some differences. I get up and drop my daughter at her school and then rush to the market to buy vegetables, fish, etc. I do that once in two days. Once at home, I have my breakfast, bathe and then start work. I don’t have the liberty of wearing whatever I like because sometimes, more often than not, I get visitors.

    Your post also seems to suggest that you live alone.

  12. To sum it up…everything.

    Some people just aren’t geared for working in an office and I am one of them.

    DJ Nelsons last blog post..What is coworking?

  13. Des: wow. I guess I have it easy with time zones from one coast to the other as opposed to international time zones.

    Ricardo Buenos last blog post.."The Whuffie Factor" Book Giveaway Contest

  14. Ricardo
    A home office and an office away from home would no doubt suit many. And be thankful (or not) that you don’t have to negotiate international time zones! Sometimes I have to explain that a ‘civilized’ time like 1 pm for someone in the US might be in the dead of night for me. 🙂

  15. I have a home office and a actual office. What I love about my home office is the very casual dress code (hehe…) and the fact that I can grab lunch, coffee and snacks at a very affordable price!

    Unfortunately (it doesn’t bother me at all), my clients dictate my schedule. A lot of them are on the East coast so sometimes this is a challenge.

    Ricardo Buenos last blog post.."The Whuffie Factor" Book Contest


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