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Working From Home and Loving It: Challenges for the Serious Business Builder

This week’s contribution to the series Working from Home and Loving It is on the challenges a home based professional faces when she or he decides on being a serious business builder. I’ve drawn up a list of nine challenges for the serious business builder. There is no particular significance in the number: it’s just […]

What Gives You Joy in Your Business? Tim Bamford, Professional Photographer

Early in April I wrote about some of the things that give me joy in my business, mentioning that it was a way of kick-starting a series of interview-based posts on the topic “What Gives You Joy in Your Business?”. This post, the first in that series, incorporates a video interview with Tim Bamford, professional […]

Working From Home and Loving It: 12 Things That Give Me Pleasure

As promised last week, the series Working From Home and Loving It continues. Today’s post is about some of the pleasures I experience in working from home. Thinking about that reminds me immediately of my experience the other week when I went to the city for a seminar. As it was a breakfast event and […]

Working From Home and Loving It: the Series Continues

Is there a practical difference, as well as a semantic one, between working from home and working at home? The authors of a book I’m reading, with a view to posting a review here, believe there is. With the eye-catching title of Undress for Success, the just-published book by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish promises […]

Re-visiting Voice to Text with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

As part of the process of getting back into blogging more frequently, more regularly, I’m giving some consideration to dictating my blog posts, or at least the first drafts, rather than typing them up from scratch. To that end I’ve just re-installed a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) (version 7), which I purchased a few […]