Getting Value for Your Marketing Dollar

One of the themes I’m picking up in business publications is that the recession that is here for some and coming for others is a time when some businesses will build capabilities and strengths that will enable them to flourish when we are through the trough.

For example with expenditure on marketing. How many of us can say that every dollar we spend on marketing, directly or indirectly, is money well spent and will certainly produce profit? Hat tip to you if you can. For the rest of us, there is surely always something new we can learn – or something old we can re-learn – to get better value for our marketing spend.

Content management system software company Bizzuka has come to the party with a very helpful resource. They have put together a nine-part video series,  Nine Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Dollars During the Recession.

The series includes insight and advice from well-known advertising, marketing and social media industry leaders such as David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin, Ben McConnell, Adam Broitman, Ann Handley, Todd Defren, David Alston and others.

Each video is only 4 to 5 minutes in length. That makes the series about a 45 minute instant seminar on how to use the Web as a cost-effective marketing tool during the recession.

And there is no admission charge. A very nice gift from Bizzuka to the business community.

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  1. Credit where it’s due, Paul :). Thanks for the comment.

  2. Des, what a nice gift you’ve given Bizzuka by means of this blog post. Thank you for continuing to be the goodwill ambassador for social media. We very much appreciate it.