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My friend and colleague Lonnie B. Hodge and I have launched a web site for Social Media Consultants and PR 2.0 Specialists.

Elsewhere I’ve posted a bit about how the site came about and what it is intended to achieve.

From a Thinking Home Business perspective – i.e. that of the usually solo entrepreneur working from a home base – and considering a few comments we’ve had already, I’ve started to think the site could get quite big, even a bit overwhelming.

Are Lonnie and I prepared for that?

Yes and no. We are open to the idea and we are confident we can find a way to deal with growth.

But do we have a detailed plan? No.

I know some people would find that idea quite daunting, irresponsible even.

But we are being as open as we can be with people. Anyone who reads what we have put on the site will see that we are not hiding the fact that we are making it up as we go along.

We’re not risking financial capital – it’s a (free) WordPress site we are using to get started and maybe to continue. We are investing some time, certainly, and if it all finishes up looking like a bit of a pipe dream we could have some egg on our faces. But we can live with that.

Basically, neither of us can resist the opportunity to play a bigger game, risky as it may be. Boldness + a modicum of risk management should see us through. Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t be bold and dream big.

Are you playing a big enough game for your talents? We’d love to hear about it.

If you aren’t, would 2009 be a good year to test out one or more of your dreams and play big?

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  1. Actually I wish I had read that book, I will make it a point to do so. I ended up learning about too much upfront definition the hard way… Granted there is a balance.

    Also, cool on a expansion concept in the wings, having that duck in a row can sure make the concerns of going organic a lot less worrisome. In many ways, the whole concept is “the bigger game” 🙂

    As far as my plan to go big… I’m playing the dilution game myself with my new site, it will be extremely diverse, albeit individual sections are pretty narrow. From a marketing perspective, its risky and counter to conventional wisdom, yet I looked at depression history, and some of the successful businesses that rose from the ashes, and others which crashed and burned. The fail early and often mantra, combined with diversity of approach was never as true as it was in the 30’s. Today, with the low cost of intenet tools, which require more time investment than capital, pushing the limits of conventional wisdom is a lot less risky than it ever was in the past.

    Ron Amundsons last blog post..Production Ready, Enthusiasts, Concepts and Production Notes

  2. Ron

    Thanks for your very thoughtful comments. I do appreciate them and the distinctions you make.

    Looking at your first para I can’t help wondering if you have read Ricardo Semler’s Maverick, or his later Seven Day Weekend, with their amazing stories about the firm, Semco, he took over from his father. If ever there was a story of organic, unpredicted and unpredictable growth, that is it. And that’s an engineering firm (originally anyway).

    The home business guide guy’s observation is a distraction for me. It’s not clear whether he is talking about the content of the post or – more likely, it seems – having a swipe at me and what I post here (or don’t).

    Coming back to the subject at hand, where you say “defining your target audience”, do you mean the audience of the Social Media Consultants site, or the people we are inviting to be featured and contribute there? In other words, the visitors or the social media consultants? Either way, I don’t believe we know enough to tie that down, make it more specific and still be able to hope to achieve what we had in mind. We don’t actually know – and I doubt anyone does – who is, or is going to be, looking for a social media consultant in Guangzhou, China, or Toronto, Canada, or what particular skillset they might be looking for. Then too, it is not meant to be a job board so much as a stie where people get a sense of who is around, globally (not – with respect – just or mainly in the USA + Canada, as per so many social media sites). And a virtual coffee shop – cf the graphic.

    We actually have a more flexible platform than WP in reserve, if the community grows enough to make it worthwhile to roll it out. But that’s more work and we don’t plan to take it on if there is not a worthwhile enough level of interest.

    I think I’m saying that, on balance, we will refrain for the time being or forever from defining target groups, whether of visitors/readers or of contributors. And we’ll accept the risk of dilution of value.

  3. Organic community development I’ve found is the best way to go, too rigorous a game plan, while great for managing member expectations, often times misses the mark. Ie, there may well be a narrow niche which the plan misses and thus you will never see it, where as organic/iterative development might well help you find something incredibly big, a bigger game perhaps than what you originally concieved.

    However, the home business guide commenter makes a good point…. defining your target audience a bit. It seems everyone and his brother is a social media consultant, albeit the skill level and focus varies a great deal. Ie, running a corp effort with perhaps 50-100 active members is way way different than the 20K+ community siite, just as a site appealing to later entrants, than the more highly experienced folks. Granted the audience is small at the 20K+ level, but those folks are playing pioneer daily…. and a resource site could be huge thing for them, provided it didnt get overrun by others trying to jump on the bandwagon. Define the target, and then create value based upon the target while still leaving lots of room for organic development. Otherwise, its likely the value aspect could end up pretty diluted.

  4. @The home business guide:
    I’m well aware that some readers are successful marketers. But I’m not clear on the point of your comment, although I get that it is not complimentary :).Are you offering advice on what I should do on this blog or what Lonnie and I should do on the social media consultants blog?

  5. you need to consider that some of your readers are a successful marketers and you need to try to offer them more value with your posts


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