Archives for December 2008

Social Media Consultants and a Bigger Game

My friend and colleague Lonnie B. Hodge and I have launched a web site for Social Media Consultants and PR 2.0 Specialists. Elsewhere I’ve posted a bit about how the site came about and what it is intended to achieve. From a Thinking Home Business perspective – i.e. that of the usually solo entrepreneur working […]

Santa Wears Boardies

Rainbow Bay, Queensland, Australia, early this morning I said “I have to get a picture for my blog!” He smiled and posed. “What’s the name?” I asked “Santa” Of course. Between the usual demands of the festive season and the lure of the beach, I doubt that I’ll be doing a lot of blog posting […]

Does the Idea of Being a Coach Appeal to You?

“It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good” might not bring instant encouragement for people who have been “downsized”, or put out of their jobs, however that may be described by whatever weasel words are in corporate HR vogue these days. But one area in which I see potential gain for many people is […]

LinkedIn Bloggers Group Has Room for More Members

Image: “Cat out of bag, almost” by Plong, via Flickr: Creative Commons license Over the weekend I posted a message on the LinkedIn Bloggers group, of which I’m co-moderator, sharing some thoughts about how we could generate wider awareness of the group’s existence and in the process hopefully attract some more people to become members, […]