Using Coffee Shop Chat to Kickstart Your Blog Posts

I’ve been meaning to write an extended version of a suggestion I made during one of the sessions at BlogWorld Expo 08, about a way to make posting to your blog a stress-free exercise. It seemed to strike a chord with a few people.

two women talking over coffee The basic idea was to think of blogging as you would think of chatting with a friend over a coffee.

Then think of a phrase you would use naturally, to start a sentence in that conversation.

I gave a couple of examples at the BlogWorld Expo session and this morning I’ve jotted down some more. I stopped at twelve.

  • I was thinking the other day how…
  • Have you heard about that woman/man who …
  • I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when…
  • I saw something quite amazing/amusing/curious/weird/funny yesterday…
  • I was chatting this morning with my friend about…
  • Sometimes I can’t believe how…
  • You’ll never guess …
  • Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can meet someone you’ve known for a long time ……
  • A long, long time ago…
  • I met this really interesting woman/man who ….
  • You know how there are some days when you think, maybe I should have just stayed in bed?
  • I’ve been meaning to… (as you may have noticed, the one I used to start this post)

Why not try it?

If the idea appeals to you, but the particular examples don’t work for you, I’m sure you can come up with some more and better. I think you’ll find it fun – well, I did. And I hope you will share. So please leave your suggestions in the comments here.

Photo “two women talking over coffee” by ellenantill, via flickr, Creative Commons

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  1. Nice idea Des.

    Once you make the decision to stop writing like an academic and write more like a friend, this type of opening will work brilliantly.

    Dave Wilkinsons last blog post..Marketing trick 103: make your customers smile

  2. I vividly recall your comment at BlogWorld Expo ’08 and have taken it to heart. In fact, last Sunday I was enjoying my morning coffee and bagel at a local cafe, when I was attracted to blog about a NY Times article titled “When Do You Tell Your Family You Have Been Laid-Off?”

    Some topics are meant to be shared over a cup of java.

    Carlos Hernandezs last blog post..Blogging 101: Don’t think

  3. Thanks Renee
    I can hear a conversation flowing very naturally from those intros.

  4. Hi Des – nice tips. I like this style of intro; it’s more personal and sets the tone of a conversation right away. I’m a fan of “I’ve noticed recently that… and “Lately I’ve been thinking about…”

    Renees last blog post..The best PR agency in the known universe