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Would You Rather Have Good Service or a Good Product?

Good service or good product – which would you choose? I imagine that most people, asked whether they would prefer to have good service or a good product, would be inclined to say “both”. And of course if you are in a professional services business, as I am, you can’t really separate the two. But […]

A Quick Way to Get an Image for Your Blog Post

The online application Wordle has been available for quite a while now, but until today I had not thought of a way I could make use of it, other than for its entertainment/distraction value. Then I read a post by my friend Noric Dilanchian, a detailed “how to” on preparing proposals and reviews. Noric is […]

Using Coffee Shop Chat to Kickstart Your Blog Posts

I’ve been meaning to write an extended version of a suggestion I made during one of the sessions at BlogWorld Expo 08, about a way to make posting to your blog a stress-free exercise. It seemed to strike a chord with a few people. The basic idea was to think of blogging as you would […]

Working From Home and Loving It: The Myth of Financial Insecurity

Last week I had some people disagreeing with or at least questioning the underlying argument of my post on the “myth of isolation”, one of a series on working from home and loving it. In response to one of those comments, I explained that I had been using “myth” not in the sense in which […]

Working From Home and Loving It: The Isolation Myth

In the first post in this series Working From Home and Loving It we looked at and hopefully demolished the myth that a home based business was not a “real” business. The isolation myth Our next target in the myth department is that having a home based business means you will have to contend with […]