Working from Home and Loving It: A Series

Some thoughts about home based business.

A while ago, doing a periodic update of my resume information, I realized that I’ve had a home based business now for twenty years.

I realized also that I love it. And I know others who love running their business from home.

my office Of course, working from home might not suit everyone. Not everyone is cut out to have a business and some have no interest in the idea.

Also, “working from home” doesn’t mean that someone has a home based business.

But there are many people who have do have businesses they run from home. According to the US Government’s site over half of all US businesses operate out of the business owner’s home.

And I’m sure that right this minute there are many others who are interested in the idea and how it might work for them.

What prompted all this was my reading a comment from home office organizing specialist Brandie Kajino, who interviewed me at BlogWorld and New Media Expo a couple of weeks ago. Commenting on the expo/conference, Brandie wrote:

Home office professionals abound: Most of the people at this conference were home office based.  How much do I love that!  I knew that there are about 28 million people working at home in the US, but I just wonder what that number is worldwide.  Something to think about, eh?

Definitely something to think about.

And I’ve decided to more than just think about it. With the aim of providing some reassurance, encouragement and even some ideas for expansion, for people who currently have home based businesses, and some insight for people in the “thinking about it” phase, I’ve mapped out a series of posts on this theme of Working from Home and Loving It.

I’m planning to write on the theme under four main topic areas:

  • Myths demolished (e.g. the myth of not having a “real” business)
  • Pleasures of working from home
  • Challenges for the serious business builder
  • Secret weapons for the home based business owner

I hope you will find the series useful. More than that, thought-provoking, challenging. I expect I’ll find some challenges in writing it!

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.

Other posts in this series:

The “Not a Real Business” Myth

The Isolation Myth

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  1. Working at home, or having a home based business is really a hassle-free profession. What I like most is the fact that I earn and at the same time I have time for my family. I like this post! Kudos!

  2. Thanks for the mention! It’s really amazing when you think about how many people work at home + all the myths associated with it. It was a very eye-opening moment for me to realize that many of the people at BWE were in fact, home office professionals.
    (Thanks everyone for the stats!)

    Brandie Kajinos last blog post..Conference Travel: 7 Tips

  3. @Ayo For me there is an important distinction between “working from home” and having a home based *business*. Some people who work from home are quite happy to be part of someone else’s business. Others of us want more independence than that. Both valid. Whatever floats your boat.

    @Charles Couldn’t agree more: I will be adding some thoughts along those lines as the series unfolds.

    @Jeff Fascinating stats – and some valuable distinctions. Yes, there is a great variety of approaches and, as you say, a big “universe”.

    @Lara: Nice of you to say that – so what in particular did you find interesting, if I may ask?

    Des Walshs last blog post..Working from Home and Loving It: A Series

  4. Very interesting! You have a very engaging voice in your posts, I felt compelled to comment on that. You’re a wonderful writer, and I was pulled into your story rather quickly.

  5. Des, Great perspective. Actually, I put the figure much higher when it comes to home offices. In fact, I believe almost EVERYONE has a home office (tho’ not necessarily a home-based business). The stats, available on my site, break down as such: 14 million full-time 1099ers, 24 million teleworkers (employees who work from home for a boss elsewhere), about 9 million moonlighters (people who work other jobs by day, but who run some business – crafts, eBay, etc. – from home nights and weekends), day-extenders (white collar folk who bring home a briefcase nights and weekends), and the biggest group: Heads of household handling family finances and affairs from their home office (no ‘business,’ per se, unless you count the business of life – bills, checks, kids’ homework, etc.. To me, that’s a pretty big audience – and makes this home-office ‘universe much, much larger. And important…

    jeff zbars last blog post..Tips & Sites for the Reluctant Home Office IT Guru

  6. Charles H. Green says:

    Des, that’s a fascinating stat. I guess I’ve been doing it now too for about 13 years, and when I stop to think about it, I realize I’d consider shooting myself if I had to go back to working in an office; but especially working in an office for someone else.

    There’s a heckuva lot to like about it.

    Charlie Green

    Charles H. Greens last blog post..Why Testimonials Are Over – Rated in Sales

  7. I guess a lot of us don’t realise we already run home businesses even though they may be very profitable and worth alot more that we think.


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