Wordless Wednesday:Free Range Cackleberries

Cobaki Cacklesberries

Our local Market Each Sunday (c) Des Walsh

cackleberry” – old slang people still use up here in the bush

Cobaki is a small local town – map

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  1. it actually looks like a really nice place to get some
    fresh produce. With the food prices roaring up
    i’d love to get some good fresh groceries for cheap
    nice find wish it were in JAcksonville,FL

  2. Cynthia Blue: it’s actually mid winter here where I live, but it’s like summer in a lot of other places
    malou: don’t know about free – the farmers have bills to pay too – and there are some people selling in the markets who are starting to charge higher prices, but if you work at it you can find the best combination of quality and price

  3. A rooster for a salesman that is exactly the answer of the skyrocketing prices of all the goods in the supermarket we can maybe get the lowest price or maybe for free lol….see you in my blog…Thanks..

    malous last blog post..Satisfying empty stomach without extra bulges

  4. Cynthia Blue says:

    mmmmm I love summer and the things you can find!

  5. LingoVise: where this market is held is a local sports ground – the lines are for track events, probably for local schools

  6. love the interesting lines in the grass…
    happy WW 🙂

  7. lareine: Yes, those prices on the eggs, fruit and veg are much better than you would get in the supermarket and they are fresh from the farm and organically grown – doesn’t get much better

    Bobo: Did you check the link for cackleberry in the text under the picture? Old fashioned slang for eggs.

  8. cackleberries… I’m still scratching my head about that. and I love the rooster!

    I miss doing my handicraft so today’s WW will be about that.

    Here it is!

    Bobos last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  9. mr. rooster there looks adorable!… it must be interesting to go there and find some really good bargains:)

    lareines last blog post..Wordless Wednesday