Still Time to Get the BlogWorld Early Bird Rate

BlogWorld Expo 2008

Las Vegas is a long way from where I live, about 7,400 miles or 11,909.1 kilometres. So going to BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas last November required a non-trivial decision. I did not regret it and am now gearing up to go again, for Blogworld and new Media Expo 2008 on September 20-21 – with the Executive & Entrepreneur Day on September 19.

I’ve posted elsewhere about why I believe BlogWorld Expo is a great place for bloggers, podcasters, vloggers and other social media enthusiasts, as well as eager seekers after knowledge, to be come September.

I’m posting here also because I would not like to think any interested reader might miss out on the Early Bird rate which expires tomorrow, June 20. The discount for anyone who books by then is up to 50% off the full price. There are excellent deals for hotels too, through the BlogWorld Expo people.

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  2. Thanks, I will certainly do that.

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  3. Sire
    Well, I don’t regret making the trip. I’d love to see more Aussies there – if not this year then next. Only a small group of us there last year, one of whom actually lives in the US, as mentioned in the video of Melburnian Simon Chen’s interview with me – By the way, if you want to get an idea of the presentations last year, Simon recorded several of them, so just search on on his old blog site –

  4. You actually paint a very exciting picture of the expo but I am afraid that distance, being an Aussie, and time will keep me away for this particular one. Still it does give me the added incentive for aspiring for future attendance.

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  5. Sarah

    I don’t know that I can give you an answer that would help you to decide, but you can see a list of exhibitors, with links to their web sites, if you click on the Exhibitors tab on the BlogWorld Expo site – and then click on the link for the floorplan. But it’s not just an expo. There is a conference at the same time and you can get a lot of information there as well as connecting with people who are very well informed. Going by last year’s event, you should find plenty of people happy to share what they know. It’s a tremendously friendly event. I hope that helps.

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