Bizzuka Platform Now With Blogs

As I mentioned here back in February this year, my friend and colleague Paul Chaney, a leading blogger and great encourager of others in the business of blogging and the blogging of business, is Internet Marketing Director at Bizzuka, based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Bizzuka provides custom Web design and content management services and intranet development services for small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States.

Paul let me know last week that his company, Bizzuka, is now providing a blogging function as part of its online business platform.

Paul has listed the following features of the new blogging capability of the platform:

  • Categorized content
  • RSS feeds at both site and category levels (working on a bug fix here)
  • Social media sharing via sites like Digg,, Technorati and Facebook
  • Comment moderation
  • Prurient word filtering
  • Tell-a-friend
  • Multi-media file embedding
  • Multiple format file attachment
  • WYSIWYG and HTML editing – And we have a kick-a** editor; much better than many

I’ve spent fifteen minutes or so searching the Bizzuka site, without success, for more information about the blogging capability. The one reference I found to blogging was about the availability of blogging consulting. So presumbably the announcement from Paul is a “heads up” and the information on site will be amplified to include the new capability. Just as a small quibble, I would suggest that there has to be a more grammatical and elegant way of describing the feature listed above as “prurient word filtering”.

(Update: I’ve just read the rest of Paul’s email and noticed the link to a press release about the new function – more info there).

Lately I’m noticing a number of owners of small businesses are seeking actively to incorporate blogging into their online marketing presence and looking for service providers to help them do that effectively. My personal view is that developers or providers of web site technology who do not provide blogging as a standard inclusion are selling their small business customers short and are going to be left behind pretty soon, if they haven’t been already.

So the Bizzuka move is timely and should surely help them attract those savvier, more adventurous customers those of us in this line of business love to have.

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  1. Just saw you whiz by on MyBlogLog and wanted to drop a note.

    Paul and I actually worked together when he was at Blogging Systems. Great guy, one of the ones that has a bright mind and a helpful heart.

    I haven’t seen the Bizzuka platform in action, but there is a strange trend right now of more and more emerging blog platforms. In 2006 there were over 100, I don’t want to think how many there are now. I’m still a fan of WordPress, one of the reasons is that I also modify the admin side to help control the user experience and learning curve.

    I agree that small business users are demanding blogging as a tool, but mostly because they keep hearing about the SEO and exposure benefits in online PR. I find that getting them in the right mindset is the key to having them gain benefit.

    Barry Hurds last blog post..Social Media Keyword Tools