Chocolates and Doing Business With Style

Adora chocolates

There’s saying thank you with courtesy. And there’s saying thank you with courtesy and style. Leah Maclean is a virtuoso in the latter category.

Some time ago, Nancy Batenburg, a good friend of ours, asked our advice on a quote she had received for a new website with blog, for her business (link is to existing site). We were not impressed and wanted to do what we could to save her from spending a lot of money and being dissatisfied with the outcome.

We put her in touch with Leah Maclean, not only because Leah is a talented geek, but because she has a particular mission to help other women cut through the techspeak and get technological solutions that work for them. As her tagline says: Demystifying technology for small business women.

It was a logical referral. Of course, that did not mean it was going to result in a match, but it did. We’ve had great feedback from both parties and we know the outcome in terms of the website will be of top quality.

We felt good.

We felt even better today when the delivery guy handed over a big white box addressed to us. We knew what was in it because Leah had alerted us. Chocolates.

But not just any chocolates. These were hand-made, extra special chocolates. And the presentation was special too. Inside the elegant carry bag was the perfectly wrapped box with ribbon and an envelope with a beautifully designed card and inside the card a handwritten message of thanks.

Adora handmade chocolates

(And yes, the chocolates are yummy, thanks – from Adora handmade chocolates in Sydney).

None of that was necessary. We just wanted to make sure our friend Nancy was looked after by a pro.

Not necessary, but nice.

A lesson in doing business with style.

What do you do to thank colleagues for referrals – even the ones that don’t work out?

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  1. What can I say? It IS a match – Leah is one of ‘us’ and while she is currently working on the website, and I am about to become a novice blogger, I feel very excited about our discussions to date. I can only thank you for taking the time and interest to help me out, and for your perception in thinking that this would work for both of us. I think it is Law of Attraction at its best – I have enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not enough to be effective, and Leah has been fantastic in interpreting my non-techno ideas into reality. A shame if anyone linkis to the current website (which is not very nice). Wait for a week or two and THEN check it out!! Thanks again to both of you Des and Suzie. You deserve the chocolates. 🙂 Love, Nancy

  2. Hey Des,

    I’m a sucker for a cute concept and I’m telling you, Adora chocolate has me sold! It’s a fantastic way to establish and maintain connections with your network of colleagues and potential business partners. You sound like you know what you’re doing, so I wanted to run this by you.

    I’m an official Microsoft ambassador and right now we’re really trying to scale up our connections with influential bloggers like yourself. I’d love to share with you some of the stuff we’ve been doing in the last couple months to help women entrepreneurs; we’re really committed to providing all the necessary resources to help women start, grow and expand their business.

    We just wrapped up a women’s entrepreneurial tour across the US; the response and turn-out was great!

    I’d really love your take on these offerings we have right now; I would have contacted you via email but I didn’t know which was the best way to reach you.

    Thank you so much, I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by directly contacting you. Definitely get back to me if I’ve piqued your interest– I’d love to share more info with you.

    Official Microsoft Ambassador

  3. Solo Business Marketing says:

    My appreciation ranges from writing a check to a referring friend for 15 percent of a speaking engagement’s honorarium (an agent would receive this, so why not give it to a friend?) to sending a hand-written thank you note to a friend who introduces me to a beneficial contact.

    Two thumbs up for chocolate, which is always appropriate to show appreciation.

  4. Nice real nice. clever too.

    Leos last blog post..Selling in a Down Economy Understanding Your Customer

  5. Leah Maclean says:

    You make me blush Des 🙂 To me a stylish thank you is just a small part of the appreciation that I feel to you, Suzie and any of my contacts that see fit to recommend my services.

    I see this as a win all way around – I get a warm lead, you get some great chocs and my favourite chocolate supplier gets another fan.

    Leah Macleans last blog post..CeBIT 2008 Awards Saasu Top Prize