Wordless Wednesday:In My Garden Today

Water Dragon

“When’s Dinner?” Water Dragon (C) Des Walsh

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  1. Country Lifestyle

    These little fellers are quite harmless (various insects would feel otherwise). I’m always fascinated about how perfectly still they can stay for an extended period, then suddenly dart across the yard.

  2. We live in Ohio, and it must be the most safe area ever. No snakes, lizards, poisionious snakes, man-eaters…etc. Sometimes I wounder what it would be like to have something exotic show up in my yard

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  3. Dennis
    It’s a dragon, mate, not just an ordinary lizard. But I guess you are right. And I’d rather have water dragons in my backyard than coyotes.

  4. I bet my neighborhood coyote could take your lizard…

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  5. Solo Business Marketing says:

    There are multiple cultures in my neighborhood that, I believe, would make him dinner.

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  6. Made me smile

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  7. @ Louise yes daily at this time of the year

    @ Phylameana They come in all sizes too

  8. Ohmigoodness! Do you often have such visitors? 🙂