5 Minutes to Write a Valuable Blog Post?

The timer is on.

Start: 6.30 am
Can I meet the challenge that Wendy Piersall has just posted?

Wendy is at SOBCon, and Chris Garrett has put a challenge out to SobCon attendees to write a 5 minute blog post that actually creates value.

So can how could I do this?

A few ideas:

  • Blog from your reader, a tip that has helped someone else, that can help your readers.
  • Have a regular topic, like my From the Cards that could be done in 5 minutes, although I find the card usually inspires a longer post. Help do I have time to find an image. NO!

Finish 6.35 am

Do you think this is a valuable post? What can you do to add value in 5 minutes

PS. If I could touch type it would be easier:)

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  1. online stock trading advice says:

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  2. Hi Stuart,
    I know how you feel, I just reread what I wrote then and cannot think of a five minute post I have done , probably ever.
    No doubt there are people who can do this
    For commenting

  3. Even if I wanted to write a blog post in 5 minutes, I’d get carried away and before I know it, 30 minutes have passed! The same when I write emails to my subscribers..I always intend to write compact emails, but end up being as long as my arm…

    Stuart Stirling

    Web Copywriting Tipss last blog post..Swipe File: When You Need Inspiration From Above

  4. Ask a question, I love to do these, just a quick question for you blog, and ask for comments. To make it more interesting ask a controversial question. Your blog entry will grow like crazy with hundreds of postings.

    On my hybrid cars blog, I posted the question “What are your thoughts on this? Is this something that the US Government should mandate, or should it be market driven?”

    here is an example (not trying to spam, just an example).


    Boy did this start some chatter. There were a lot of very opinionated people posting their feelings.

    So my suggestion if you need a quick blog entry, just ask a question.

    Steves last blog post..Multiple Sources of Income

  5. I think I did my last post in about 5 minutes. Although most of them end up taking much longer. I think if you know what you want to write about, and it happens to be a brief subject, then 5 minutes isn’t that hard (if you can type reasonably fast).

    Grants last blog post..Buy Groceries with Your Economic Stimulus Check

  6. @Glenda I love your comment about getting to the point, was that what Cgris was intending?

    @ Lightening
    Yes my mother always said it was always a skill I should have- did a course many years ago, looks like this would be a good thing to do on a plane:)

  7. I think touch typing makes a HUGE difference and is probably something that would be worth you investing time in – there are a number of online touch-typing teaching tools. It makes blogging AND commenting much faster and more productive.

    Interesting concept. I’ve never actually timed how long posts take me. I should try this.

  8. Glenda Watson Hyatt says:

    Wow, considering I only type with my left thumb at 10wpm, that’s only 50 words! The post would need to get right to the point. Now that is a challenge!

    Glenda Watson Hyatts last blog post..What Children with Cerebral Palsy Truly Need


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