26 Reasons To Get to Chicago for SOBCon 08, May 2-4

I really would like to be heading next week to Chicago, IL, USA, for the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference (SOBCon08), or Biz School for Bloggers, which will take place May 2-4. For me, there’s just a little matter of a few thousand miles of ocean and then a cross-country flight standing in the way.SOBCon08

But looking at the event site this afternoon, I can see at least 26 good reasons why anyone who is probably located closer to Chicago than I am and who wants to tap into some high-grade expertise on blogging in a business context, and to do that in the company of a great bunch of people, should think seriously about getting themselves to Chicago next week.

The first 15 reasons to register for SOBCon 08 – the sponsors

If you have ever had the task of rounding up sponsorship for an event, you will know that, unless the people behind this group of brands have individually and collectively lost their marbles – highly unlikely – the event has been checked out every which way, upside down and sideways, to make sure it will be an event they can each and all be proud to be associated with.

In other words, quality assurance has been done.

WordPress Utterz
Network Solutions b5media
THC Blog Catalog
Chitika Proforma
e-junkie jiffle
Blogger & Podcaster PlanteMoran

10 more reasons to head for Chicago – the presenters

The 10 more reasons are provided by the lineup of presenters.

This is an impressive group, not just because they know things, but because I know from reading regularly the blogs of six out of the ten that they are outstanding communicators and will have something valuable to offer seasoned bloggers and newbies alike. And knowing Liz Strauss, I have absolute confidence that the others, whose work is new for me, will also have more than met the good communicator test.

Christine Kane singer, songwriter, creativity trainer

Terry Starbucker business leadership guy and co-founder of SOBCon

Anita Bruzzese on online reputation management

Brian Clark on online business models that work

Lorelle Van Fossen on focusing your business to get noticed

Chris Garrett on managing the editorial

Chris Brogan on social media and social networking choices that produce

David Bullock on a sales model that converts

Wendy Piersall – on success management

Liz Strauss co-founder of SOBCon – on how to build an irresistible offer

So there are 25 good reasons.

What’s the 26th?

1 more reason to attend SOBCon08 – the participants

When I started to read Liz Strauss’s “spotlight” posts on people participating in the event I thought at first I was reading a supplementary list of presenters – some seriously knowedgeable and accomplished people here. But no, these, as far as I can gather, will be participants.

Not that people new to blogging should be put off by that. Far from it. For any “newbie” in the blogging world, this will be a golden opportunity, not just to soak up a whole lot of knowledge, tips and clues, but also to get to know some outstanding bloggers on a first-name basis.

I know from reading and hearing about last year’s SOBCon that it was a memorable event.

And I know that Liz, Terry and the others will pull out all the stops to make SOBCon 08 a special experience too.

But it’s not just about buzz and fun, although there will surely be plenty of both. It’s about business practicality.

Here is the statement of purpose for the event – it’s all about giving you an immediately implementable Business Action Plan:

The SOBCon08 program guarantees to send each attendee home with a Business Action Plan that can be immediately executed for measurable success. The “mastermind” teams in which attendees will be interacting will provide uniquely deep working relationships that are more meaningful than the business card trading found at other conference/networking events.

That statement could even qualify as a 27th reason, couldn’t it?

And there are perks. More reasons, if you need them.

If you want to go and can make that happen, know that I will be jealous – in a nice kind of way :).

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  1. Des, I’m sorry you can’t come to SOBCon this year – but thanks so much for spreading the word. I’m so glad I got to meet you last year at BlogWorld.

  2. @Liz @Terry Yes, being there next year would be so much better than just hearing about it!
    @Ron Note that you actually get Chris x 2 for the price of one 🙂 – each, btw, someone I learn from all the time

  3. Ron Killian says:

    I know I wouldn’t mind hearing Chris and David speak..:)


  4. Hi Des, thanks for this wonderful post on SOBCon! Wish you could be with us – maybe next year?

    All the best,

    Terry Starbuckers last blog post..The (Great) View From the Road: A Rocky Mountain High

  5. Hi Des!
    Nothing would be a better 28th reason to come than to be able to say that you were going to be with us in Chicago! I’d love to have your expertise and experience as part of the mix.

    So many things are coming together so well . . . but the participants really are what made SOBCon great last year, and I’m sure they’re the secret ingredient this year as well. When you put that many generous, intelligent people in one room together working on the same thing, you can’t help but have an incredible experience.

    Thank you for this.

    Liz Strausss last blog post..SOBCon08: Models, Masterminds, and Chicago in May!