Adsense Secrets for Almost Free!

The Master of Adsense Joel Comm has released version 4 of his AdSense Secrets book.

I met Joel at Blog World Last year and he seems a nice guy and he is a blogger.

Joel has charged $97 for this book in the past, but today he’s offering this new updated version for just $9.95 for the very latest AdSense money making info!

Joel says it is way of saying thank you, as he continues to make $500 a day from adsense. Wow wouldn’t that be great.

There are the usual extra freebies, one being a newsletter and a forum thrown in, that could be valuable in itself and then you too can sell the book and then effectively get all this for free.


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  1. Yes it is worth it. I forgot to mention that you can avoid that charge.
    I skipped to the bottom of the page.

    Have a look at what Darren has written so you can bypass the option to sign up

    Hope that clarifies that for you


  2. Home Biz Ideas for Moms says:

    I’m sure I’ll be picking up the book, but I think I saw someplace that you have to call to cancel his newsletter if you don’t want to pay the (I believe) $27/month after the first month (otherwise they bill automatically?). But even if you have to jump through that little hoop, it’s worth it (I’m guessing) to get the Adsense Secrets for less than 10 bucks.

  3. I already have the older version and satisfied with the contents.. 🙂

  4. Tom Lindstrom says:

    I´m thinking of getting the book, it seems very good.It should be easy to earn back the $10 from adsense.

  5. Thanks Shirley,
    Good points that you make especially about passive income.

    Something I am working on

  6. Solo Business Marketing says:

    The main focus with Adsense, or any affiliate program, is: 1) choosing a topic/topics with instant appeal, 2) launching marketing tactics that bring a consistent number of people to your site/blog.

    The book is worth the investment if making passive income is part of your marketing plan.